an island with a thousand faces

Pag is one of the sunniest Croatian islands, with 2500 sunny hours per year. But when the north-easterly bura wind blows, it penetrates to the bone, raising the sea mist, salt, and water droplets from the sea surface and depositing them on the pastures, meadows, and rock of the island.

Without this, there would not be the unique flavor of the Pag cheese (Paški sir), lamb, and Immortelle PLANTS, which contain within them the force of the bura wind and the fragrance of sea salt. We strongly encourage you to at least try the local delicacies, pay a visit to a cheese factory or enjoy a cheese (and wine) tasting tour.

Easy access to convenient locations


Zadar: 45 km | Rijeka: 138 km
Split: 161 km | Zagreb: 314 km


8.4 km


5 km


Novalja 5 km
Pag 31 km


250 m


Michelin star Boškinac
7 km

Aromatherapy Amidst Stunning Natural Beauty

Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Immortelle plantations, you’ll experience the healing power of aromatherapy and feel at one with nature.

Pag is composed, like the threads in the famed Pag lace, of the Lun olive groves, the salt pans, and the dry stone walls layered like the finest filigree craft.


The Olive Gardens of Lun are like no other olive grove in the world. These olive trees are one of the oldest in the world, families have been caring for them for centuries. And they are located just a short walk away from Plant villas.


Novalja city is just a 10-minute drive away, featuring an old city center and many nice restaurants, including Michelin star awarded restaurant Boškinac.

Just around the corner from Novalja (a 12-minute drive from PLANT Villas) you can go wild at the most famous party beach Zrće, called the Croatian Ibiza for its exciting nightlife. This is a favorite destination for lovers of dancing, good music, and nightlife – the world’s best music can be heard day and night and the party never ends.


In addition to Zrće, the most popular beaches in the area are Straško, Ručica, Trinćel, Babe, Caska, Beriknica, Jadra, Čista, Delfinka, Šimuni, and many smaller beaches in the remote bays from Lun towards Novalja, and in the areas of Kustići, Zubovići, and Metajna.

For all adventurous adrenaline enthusiasts, Pag is the home to one of the most beautiful Croatian trails – Life on Mars, which opened in 2019. Instead of driving your car to explore the beaches, try the trails which lead through Metajna and Novalja to experience an unforgettable spiritual journey while (re)building your body.


If you like challenging yourself and have a competitive spirit, you can apply to the Life on Mars competition (every year in March) and choose your category (from 7km to 23km).